The Story

Viking Packing Specialist

Viking Packing Specialist is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has been manufacturing innovative products for over 40 years.  Historically we have served the oil and aviation industries.  For the first time both of these industries have been devastated by recent market changes.  We have a staff of over 100 dedicated, hard working individuals that love working here.  These same people have designed, developed and are now actively producing the Battleshield.  This product is designed to improve the safety of those employees that interact with the public on the frontlines.  They are made in America by proud American workers very happy to have a job and be helping the workplace be safer!

We know there are many similar products on the market today.  We continuously receive feedback from customers that ours is much more robust and professional.  If you are shopping around keep an eye out for thinner materials, no side protection, and ease of install.  We are an ISO 9001 registered company that implements quality through our processes.

Bank Teller Custom Inset Shield guard Battleshield
Bank Custom Teller Inset Shield wide short Battleshield
Bank Desk Shield Battleshield
Bank Lobby Reception Desk Shield Battleshield
Bank Teller Shield Battleshield
Close-Up Bank Custom Teller Inset Shield Battleshield
Viking Packing Specialist Battleshield TM

custom teller inset bank shield Battleshield