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30x48 Plexiglass Barrier

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At Viking Packing Specialist, we created the 30x48 plexiglass barrier so you can safely communicate with others. The plexiglass barrier for counters is perfect for receptionists and doctors’ offices. The protective shield has a professional and sleek look that has been one of our best sellers. All of our plexiglass shields are proudly made in the USA. The 30x48 plexiglass barrier has 8.5-inch side shields for extra defense. The 48-inch-wide shield covers more common counters and desks without having the person behind the shield feel restricted. The size of the shield allows for people to comfortably communicate with each other, without having to awkwardly stick their heads around the shield as often. Please contact us if you have any questions about our shields.

100% Acrylic sneeze guard and barrier

Protecting the Frontline Workers

Highly transparent and easy on the eyes

No Tools Required - Easy to Assemble


No Mounting, Drilling or Fastening Required

8.5" Side Shields for additional coverage, versus other, single-panel shields

[Pro Tip] We use 1/2" or 1/4" material for the freestanding protective barrier for providing a more rigid and structurally sound shield.

The thinner materials bow, distort the view, and project low-quality. When comparing us against our competitors, be sure to look for this detail.

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